QUSTEC: 9.1 millions euros for the trinational research in quantum science


We are happy to announce that the project «Quantum Science and Technologies at the European Campus» (QUSTEC) has been approved and founded by the European Commission. QUSTEC is a joint international and interdisciplinary doctoral program in quantum science and technologies. It has been carried by Eucor – The European Campus, a joint effort of the universities of Basel, Freiburg im Breigau, and Strasbourg togheter with IBM Research Zurich. The program will benefit from five-year funding totaling € 9.1 million for training 39 PhD Students.

“Quantum science is an interdisciplinary field that can lead to new technologies precisely because of the multitude of perspectives […] We would like to bring young researchers from all over the world to the Upper Rhine in order to perform fundamental research and to work on applications, such as new, secure communication networks, more precise sensors, the development of new quantum materials and prototype quantum computers.”

Prof. Guido Pupillo, Scientific director of QUSTEC