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David Wellnitz, Guido Pupillo, Johannes Schachenmayer

A quantum optics approach to photoinduced electron transfer in cavities Miscellaneous Forthcoming


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David Wellnitz, Stefan Schütz, Shannon Whitlock, Johannes Schachenmayer, Guido Pupillo

Collective Dissipative Molecule Formation in a Cavity Journal Article

Phys. Rev. Lett., 125 , pp. 193201, 2020.

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Thomas Botzung, David Hagenmüller, Stefan Schütz, Jérôme Dubail, Guido Pupillo, Johannes Schachenmayer

Dark state semilocalization of quantum emitters in a cavity Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 102 , pp. 144202, 2020.

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D. Hagenmüller, S. Schütz, G. Pupillo,, J. Schachenmayer

Adiabatic elimination for ensembles of emitters in cavities with dissipative couplings Journal Article

Phys. Rev. A , 102 , pp. 013714, 2020.

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